Berry Spitetski (left) and Moshe Frank (right) searching the Jews on the Korean map with Rabbi Osher Litzman

Itamar Sofer is a tour guide in Gyeongju (contact him at for a perfect tour)

With family Segev in Daejeon

Michael Shulman from the American embassy in Korea

With the Israeli ambassador to Korea, Mr. Tuvia Israeli

Tefillin in Daegu

Bar Mitzvah in Busan

Shofar in Sacheon

Mezuzah in Seoul

Historic prayer at the DMZ

The JCC is ready for Shabbat

The first ever Kosher tour group to Korea at the JCC

Rabbi Marvin Tokayer addressing the group on Friday before Shabbat

Havdalah ceramony on Saturday night

Melavah Malkah - escorting the queen

Pizza and live music on Sunday night